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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Grandkids A Power Pod This Christmas

Meet the cuddly plush toy that doubles as a nightlight. 

Today’s tech-savvy kids can be hard to shop for. And electronics are so expensive! But Power Pod is the affordable gift that every modern kid needs. (Their parents will thank you, too!)

Oct 28th, 2021 - 2 min. 15 sec. read

1. It provides hours of power for their electronics

No cords needed! Power Pod can do everything a charger can do, but with NO CORDS! Once fully charged, it usually provides more than 2 hours of power. So whether your grandkids are at school, waiting for a ride from after-school activities, or sitting in the car, their devices will always have power.

2. It works with ALL KINDS of devices (both Android and Apple)

Power Pod is available in two styles - iPhone/iPad compatible, and Android/USB-C compatible. It’s simple to figure out which Power Pod style they need! If you’re unsure, you can ask them if they have Apple devices or something else (most other brands use a USB-C style charger.) No messing around with specific brands or models - just two easy options!

3. It’s rechargeable and reusable

Power Pod can be fully charged with its included micro USB charger. It can also be charged by plugging it into a computer. Power Pod can be recharged and used over and over again. This gift will keep on giving LONG after the holidays have passed!

4. It’s small, but even forgetful kids won’t lose it

Once powered up, Power Pod can go just about anywhere. Your grandkids can put it in a pocket, wear it on a necklace, put it on a keychain, or attach it to a backpack or coat zipper. It’s that small! It’s so portable that their devices may never run out of power again! Even the most forgetful kid can find a way to keep track of their Power Pod.

5. It helps keep them safe

Sure, Power Pod can be used to power their devices so they can listen to music, play games, study, or surf the internet. But has your grandchild ever been stranded without a ride...and their phone was dead? That’s scary. Power Pod can keep your grandkids in communication, even if their phones die. You can help keep them safe by getting them a Power Pod. Heck, Power Pod could end up  being their guardian angel on a day like that.

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